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1.  Preview Now: Not Light, but Fire
2.  New study guides just posted
3.  Regie Routman: On the level about leveled books
4.  Debbie Diller's Summer Institute, July 13-14

Students are coming of age in a world of artfully disguised injustices, most of which will stay both invisible and vicious if people never learn to meaningfully discuss them.
—Matthew Kay

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1) Preview Now: Not Light, but Fire
Not Light, but Fire Tired of empty rhetoric about race? Matthew Kay has spent his career learning how to lead students through difficult and meaningful race conversations. In Not Light, but Fire, he not only makes the case that high school classrooms are one of the best places to have those conversations, he also offers a method for getting them right. Preview and preorder here:

Access Kay's webinar on how to talk about race at school:

Kay is also featured in this recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, "Slam poetry league founder: 'Teachers can't afford to be quiet' about race":


2) New study guides just posted
Beat Boredom, by Martha Sevetson Rush Activate, by Katherine Mills Hernandez Want to dig deeper into a Stenhouse book? We've just published study guides for Beat Boredom: Engaging Tuned-Out Teenagers and Activate: Deeper Learning Through Movement, Talk, and Flexible Classrooms (find them in the "Resources" section of each page).

Explore our complete collection of study guides:


3) Regie Routman: On the level about leveled books
"To level, or not to level? Like many educational dilemmas there is no simple right or wrong answer. Freedom to read and choose what to read is at the heart of our democracy and what it means to be a reader." Read more of Regie Routman's reflections at MiddleWeb:

Literacy Essentials, by Regie Routman

And preview her new book, Literacy Essentials:


4) Debbie Diller's Summer Institute, July 13-14
Debbie Diller It's not too late to register for Debbie Diller's July 13-14 institute in Houston. Friday's topic: setting up your classroom for success, and Saturday's focus is on literacy and math stations. Register here:


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