January 26, 2018

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12 new titles from Stenhouse Publishers

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Stenhouse Spring 2018 Catalog Our new titles offer a wide range of topics this season for all grade levels: from helping you create a culture of empowerment in your school to growing your classroom library with books that support comprehension strategies; from self-care ideas for being more present in your classroom to writing in math class and much more. Browse our titles online and don't forget that we offer an extensive preview of all new titles on our website.

Look for the new Spring 2018 Stenhouse catalog in your mailbox soon, or download the catalog now.

Literacy Essentials, by Regie Routman Literacy Essentials
Engagement, Excellence, and Equity for All Learners
Regie Routman
Based on her ongoing teaching and coaching in diverse schools and districts, Regie offers K-12 teachers and leaders practical, easy-to-implement tools to help create a culture of empowerment. Includes study guide and companion website. #LitEssentials
Available now • 496 pp/paper • $41.00 • Grades K‑12

Strategies That Work Classroom Library Collections, by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis Strategies That Work Classroom Library Collections
Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis
Steph and Anne selected fiction and nonfiction picture books for grades K-5, drawing from the Strategies That Work bibliography and incorporating the strategies identified in the book.
Available now • Grades K‑5
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Practicing Presence, by Lisa J. Lucas Practicing Presence
Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers
Lisa J. Lucas
Written in an informal, conversational tone, Practicing Presence is filled with ideas, personal anecdotes, exercises, checklists, and practices you can use to reframe and establish a mindset that will enhance your focus and engagement in the classroom. #PracticingPresence
Available now • 228 pp/paper • $24.00 • Grades Pre-K to 12

Beat Boredom, by Martha Rush Beat Boredom
Engaging Tuned-Out Teenagers
Martha Sevetson Rush
Foreword by Erik Palmer
Building on her survey of hundreds of high school graduates, Martha offers up strategies for active engagement. She describes how to create innovative experiences in your classroom in all subject areas. #BeatBoredom
Available now • 216 pp/paper • $24.00 • Grades 9‑12

Which One Doesn't Belong? Shapes Posters, by Christopher Danielson Which One Doesn't Belong? Shapes Posters
Christopher Danielson
Designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and conversations about geometry, the posters address and prevent misconceptions and move beyond treating geometry as vocabulary to memorize. #WODB
Eight 18" x 24" full-color posters and four-page teacher's guide
Available now • $35.00 • Grades K‑12

Number Sense Routines, 3-5, by Jessica Shumway Number Sense Routines
Building Mathematical Understanding Every Day in Grades 3-5
Jessica Shumway
Foreword by Lucy West
Through familiar five-, ten-, or fifteen-minute warm-up routines, Jessica offers both beginning and veteran teachers easy and effective ways to build and solidify students' number sense foundations. #NumberSenseRoutines
February 2018 • 152 pp/paper • $25.00 • Grades 3‑5

Activate, by Katherine Mills Hernandez Activate
Deeper Learning through Movement, Talk, and Flexible Classrooms
Katherine Mills Hernandez
Foreword by John Mayher
Discover what happens when your students step out of their daily routines and activate their engagement. The ideas in Activate will help you create a classroom optimized for deeper engagement and learning that lasts. #ActivateBook
March 2018 • 168 pp/paper • $21.00 • Grades 5‑9

Fair Isn't Always Equal, Second Edition, by Rick Wormeli Fair Isn't Always Equal, Second Edition
Assessing and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom
Rick Wormeli
In this thoroughly updated second edition, Rick provides a catalyst for serious reflection on current grading and assessment practices. New sections address sports eligibility, honor roll, descriptive feedback techniques, and gifted/talented students. #FairEqualBook
April 2018 • 320 pp/paper • $30.00 • Grades 4‑12

Teach Writing Well, by Ruth Culham Teach Writing Well
How to Assess Writing, Invigorate Instruction, and Rethink Revision
Ruth Culham
Ruth knows how to teach writing well: first read students' writing, assess it using the traits of writing, then guide students' revision decisions using traits as a common language and map. Here she shows you how to do it, too—and see results. #TeachWritingWell
April 2018 • 224 pp/paper • $28.00 • Grades 2‑6

Why Write in Math Class? K-5, by Linda Dacey Why Write in Math Class? K-5
Linda Dacey with Kathleen O'Connell Hopping and Rebeka Eston Salemi
Foreword by Mike Flynn
Focusing on five types of writing in math (exploratory, explanatory, argumentative, creative, and reflective), Why Write in Math Class? help students construct, explore, represent, refine, connect, and reflect on mathematical ideas. #MathWrite
April 2018 • 176 pp/paper • $25.00 • Grades K‑5

To Know and Nurture a Reader, by Kari Yates and Christina Nosek To Know and Nurture a Reader
Conferring with Confidence and Joy
Kari Yates and Christina Nosek
Foreword by Kim Yaris and Jan Burkins
To Know and Nurture a Reader provides step-by-step guidance through reading conference moves for in-the-moment decision making. The book breaks conferring into manageable chunks with specific goals for knowing and nurturing young readers. #NurtureReader
May 2018 • 256 pp/paper • $25.00 • Grades K‑5

Teaching Literature Rhetorically, by Jennifer Fletcher Teaching Literature Rhetorically
Transferable Literacy Skills for 21st Century Students
Jennifer Fletcher
Teaching Literature Rhetorically shows you how to help your students develop transferable literacy skills that allow them to succeed not just in their English language arts classes, but, more importantly, in their future lives in college, career, and beyond. #TeachLit
June 2018 • 328 pp/paper • $28.00 • Grades 9‑12

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