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1.  Building a literacy culture with instructional walks
2.  PD Corner: Project and service
3.  Stenhouse forms new partnership with SDE

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1) Building a literacy culture with instructional walks
One of the most important actions I make as a school leader when building a literacy culture is conducting instructional walks. They allow me to celebrate what teachers are already doing well, reinforce new strategies that are tried and applied in the classroom, and ensure that all students are experiencing high-quality instruction.
—Matt Renwick, elementary principal

In the first of three articles, elementary principal Matt Renwick shares how he builds a literacy culture by developing trust through instructional walks using ideas from Regie Routman's new book, Literacy Essentials:

Literacy Essentials, by Regie Routman Preview Literacy Essentials online:

In case you missed it, catch up on Regie's #G2Great Twitter chat. Chat creator and cohost Dr. Mary Howard shares the highlights and her reflections:


2) PD Corner: Project and service
Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.
—Julie Andrews

Projects often present lessons in perseverance. Get kids thinking critically about service opportunities with Kid World Citizen's "35 Service Projects for Kids." Consider cutting the list up, putting kids in groups to rank and note pros and cons of each idea. Then give kids time to generate and plan their own service ideas:

Watch this upbeat video about the differences and similarities between service learning and project-based learning from the National Youth Leadership Council:

Find lesson plans that connect to character or service principles and connect to children's literature with lessons like "A Good Case of Stripes: Celebrating Uniqueness and Making Connections":

Dig into the resources at the Buck Institute for Education to harvest even more project (and service learning) ideas. Start with Tess Short and Myla Lee's "Building Peace by Piece," a project with plans for K-6 and 7-12 classrooms:

Browse our titles focusing on community building, social and emotional learning, and teaching empathy and tolerance:


3) Stenhouse forms new partnership with SDE
Stenhouse Publishers and Staff Development for Educators (SDE) announced last week that the two companies are combining their complementary professional development capabilities under one roof. Both companies are subsidiaries of Highlights for Children, Inc.

"Stenhouse and SDE have strong recognition among teachers and will continue to do business as their distinct brands," said Dan Tobin, currently President of Stenhouse. Tobin will oversee editorial and content development of the combined operation as Publisher.

"Stenhouse will continue to publish highly regarded professional development titles, as well as continuing its expansion into supplemental curriculum and in-person, author-focused professional development. SDE will continue to provide a range of professional development events and services to teachers."

Read the full announcement about the new partnership between Stenhouse and SDE:


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