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1.  Comprehension strategies are the most effective test prep
2.  Equity through raising expectations and reaching all learners
3.  Melissa Stewart on science and curiosity

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1) Comprehension strategies are the most effective test prep
Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis We believe strongly—and the research bears this out—that if kids read a lot and use comprehension strategies flexibly and knowledgeably, that they will do pretty well on the test.
—Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

We had a chance to sit down with Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis during this year's NCTE conference in St. Louis. They revealed that they hear from a lot of teachers who struggle with how to prep students for tests while also following what they know are thoughtful comprehension teaching practices. Watch the video to see their response:

Strategies That Work Classroom Library Collections, by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis Now available: Classroom Library Collections for Strategies That Work, curated by Steph and Anne. Set your students on the path to becoming thoughtful, independent readers with these collections of children's books, organized by strategy:

Preview Strategies That Work, Third Edition:

And get a recap of last night's #G2Great Twitter chat with Steph and Anne:


2) Equity through raising expectations and reaching all learners
I've never heard anyone say they hold low expectations for students, but, in fact, that is the actuality in many schools...nothing changes until teachers, principals, and superintendents come to believe their students can do better, and they embrace the moral obligation to ensure teaching and assessing lead to increased student learning—for all.
—Regie Routman in Literacy Essentials

In the Equity section of her upcoming book Literacy Essentials, Regie Routman discusses the necessity for implementing a challenging curriculum, viewing curriculum more broadly, and supporting English Language Learners. Regie provides multiple research-supported, practical Take Action suggestions that make it possible to teach and lead more effectively so all students can thrive.

Literacy Essentials, by Regie Routman Read the sections "Implement a Challenging and Viable Curriculum" and "Support English Language Learners":

Preorder the book now; copies will start shipping in early January:


3) Melissa Stewart on science and curiosity
Melissa Stewart stopped by the All the Wonders podcast recently to talk about her new nonfiction book, Can An Aardvark Bark?, and about how talking and reading about science can fuel children's curiosity. Listen to the episode here:

Perfect Pairs K-2 and Perfect Pairs 3-5 Preview Melissa's professional books, Perfect Pairs, coauthored with Nancy Chesley:

Grades K-2: Grades 3-5:

Follow Melissa on Twitter: @mstewartscience


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