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1.  New shapes posters for your classroom
2.  See you at ILA!
3.  Blogstitute 2017 is now underway

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1) New shapes posters for your classroom
Which One Doesn't Belong? Shapes Posters, by Christopher Danielson Upgrade your walls and your instruction with this new set of shapes posters by Christopher Danielson, author of Which One Doesn't Belong? Designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and conversation about geometry, the posters address and prevent misconceptions and move beyond treating geometry as vocabulary to memorize.

Just like in Christopher's book, each shape is a right answer because each shape has a reason not to belong. Students can talk about their reasons using informal everyday words, specialized mathematical vocabulary, or a mix of both. Often, these posters will spark a need for a new word as well as clarity about its meaning.

The posters are appropriate for grades K-8 and beyond. The set of eight 18-by-24-inch posters includes one for each of the following: square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle, hexagon, polygon, shape, and curve.

Preorder now—posters will be available mid-August:

Which One Doesn't Belong?
Shapes Posters
Christopher Danielson
Grades K-12 • Eight 18" x 24" full-color posters and four-page teacher's guide
$35.00 • Available mid-August • Preorder now

Which One Doesn't Belong? Teacher's Bundle, by Christopher Danielson To facilitate classroom discussions about these and other shapes in your classroom, use Christopher's book Which One Doesn't Belong? and Teacher's Guide as your trusty companion. Find out more about the book/guide bundle and watch Christopher as he talks about how he came to create a better shapes book:



2) See you at ILA
Stenhouse conference tote bag We are excited to reconnect with you at this year's ILA conference in Orlando. We will be unveiling a new booth (#201) and giving away a new tote bag. Many of our authors will be stopping by on all three days for a meet & chat and you will be able to browse some of our newest books: Strategies That Work, Third Edition; Mentor Texts, Second Edition; Renew!; and more. As always, we offer a 25% educator discount and free shipping is available.

Download this handy compilation of all our authors' sessions and meet & chat times at the booth:

Follow us on Twitter for schedules, updates, and snapshots from the booth and author sessions.


3) Blogstitute 2017 is now underway
Stenhouse Blogstitute 2017 We kick off our Stenhouse Summer Blogstitute series with a little reading and writing. In today's post, Franki Sibberson and Karen Szymusiak offer up some practical advice on using sticky notes with transitional readers:

On Thursday, Ruth Culham invites you to observe her process as she writes and revises a short paragraph.

Visit the Stenhouse Blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the latest or sign up to be notified of new posts:


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