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1.  Coming soon: Stenhouse Blogstitute 2017
2.  The third edition of Strategies That Work is shipping!
3.  Rethinking summer learning
4.  PD Corner: Editorializing

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1) Coming soon: Stenhouse Blogstitute 2017
Stenhouse Blogstitute 2017 Join us again this summer for our popular Blogstitute series starting July 11th and running through August 1st. As in previous years, we will be posting twice a week, with topics such as creating a nurturing classroom environment, the teacher as writer, and advice for starting the new school year.

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You will hear from these authors:

• Jennifer Allen (Becoming a Literacy Leader, Second Edition)
• Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg (The Author's Apprentice)
• Katrin Blamey and Katherine Beauchat (Starting Strong)
• Kristin Ackerman and Jennifer McDonough (Conferring with Young Writers)
• Franki Sibberson and Karen Szymusiak (Still Learning to Read, Second Edition)
• Ruth Culham (Dream Wakers)
• Kathy Short (Teaching Globally)
• Tracy Zager (Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had)

We look forward to reading your comments and questions on the Stenhouse Blog and on Twitter: #blogstitute17


2) The third edition of Strategies That Work is shipping
Strategies That Work, Third Edition, by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis Copies of the new edition of Strategies That Work have just arrived from the printer and are shipping from our warehouse now. You can still get the e-book version free when you order a print copy using the code STRATS3 by June 30th:


3) Rethinking summer learning
I think if we focus our efforts too much on the verbal-linguistic or the logical-mathematic 'intelligences' and evaluate learning only through those lenses, we are missing out on helping our students develop greater potential in summer learning.

Paula Bourque, author of Close Writing, believes that summer is a time for kids to explore their passions and interests. In this recent blog post, she offers up some ideas that don't involve summer reading lists or worksheet packets:

Close Writing, by Paula Bourque The strategies in Close Writing will help your students become more engaged, write fluently, produce lengthy drafts, and incorporate ideas from mini-lessons:



4) PD Corner: Editorializing
Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.
—Marcus Aurelius

It may be too late to enter the student editorial contest sponsored by The New York Times, but it's never too late to make use of its content. Teach fact versus opinion. Get kids writing about what stirs them up. Rife with mentor texts and rich with example prompts, find texts and writing craft lessons that connect to content:

Where do students stand on cursive writing? Can they read it? Should kids write in cursive? Use "It's Academic: Keep Cursive Writing" from the Chicago Tribune to mentor editorial writers:

Show students how to research possible publication homes for their pieces. Let kids work in small groups to find magazines or online publishers that fit their writing:

When Writers Drive the Workshop, by Brian Kissel Confer with writers honestly about the opinions they share. Abandon rote routines. Remember that listening to the writer is an act of love. Read Chapter 2 or preview the entire text of When Writers Drive the Workshop: Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices by Brian Kissel:


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