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1.  Make algebra accessible to all students
2.  Spring workshops to refresh your teaching
3.  PD Corner: Probing questions

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1) Make algebra accessible to all students
Accessible Algebra, by Collins and Benson Accessible Algebra is for any pre-algebra or algebra teacher who wants to provide a rich and fulfilling experience to students as they develop new ways of thinking through and about algebra.

Each of the thirty lessons in this book identifies and addresses a focal domain and standard in algebra, then lays out the common misconceptions and challenges students may face as they work to investigate and understand problems.

Authors Anne Collins and Steven Benson describe classroom scenarios in each lesson and also suggest ways teachers may assign a problem or activity, how to include formative assessment strategies, and suggestions for grouping students.

Each lesson includes sections on how to support struggling students as well as additional resources and readings.

Preview the full text online now!

Accessible Algebra
30 Modules to Promote Algebraic Reasoning, Grades 7-10
Anne M. Collins and Steven R. Benson
240 pages • $28.00
Preorder now • Available early April


2) Spring workshops to refresh your teaching
Catch one of your Stenhouse authors at a workshop or conference near you!

State of Maryland International Reading Association Council Annual Conference
March 29-31
Baltimore, MD
Jeff Anderson • Jennifer Roberts • Lee Ann Spillane • Julie Ramsay

NCSM Annual Conference
April 3-5
San Antonio, TX
Lucy West • Tracy Zager • Mike Flynn • Nancy Anderson • Ruth Parker • Cathy Humphreys •Chris Moynihan • Allison Hintz

NCTM Annual Conference
April 5-8
San Antonio, TX
Anne Collins • Linda Dacey • Lucy West • Christopher Danielson • Mike Flynn • Elham Kazemi • Chris Confer • Chris Moynihan • Kassia Omohundro Wedekind • Jessica Shumway • Tracy Zager • Nancy Anderson

Massachusetts Reading Association Annual Conference
April 6-7
Quincy, MA
Jeff Anderson • Steven Layne • Clare Landrigan & Tammy Mulligan • Katie Cunningham • Jennifer Jacobson

Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, "The 2 Sisters"
April 22-23 • San Jose, CA
April 22: Daily 5 and Math Daily 3 Frameworks
April 23: CAFE: Assessment to Instruction

May 6-7 • Chicago, IL
May 6: Daily 5 and Math Daily 3 Frameworks
May 7: CAFE: Assessment to Instruction

For more dates through 2017 in Orlando, Denver, Tacoma, Pittsburgh, and other cities, visit:

Stephanie Harvey
"Content Literacy Lessons for Comprehension Toolkits"
May 17
Allen, TX

Jan Burkins & Kim Yaris
"How should I teach reading next year?"
May 23
Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ

Debbie Diller
"Growing Independent Literacy Learners"
May 24 & 25
Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO

Debbie Diller's Summer Institute
"Growing Independent Readers, Writers, and Thinkers"
July 14 & 15
Houston, TX

Shawna Coppola
New Hampshire Literacy Institute
"Writing, Redefined: Honoring the Compositional Work of ALL Students"
July 31-August 4
Durham, NH


3) PD Corner: Probing questions
Physics is about questioning, studying, probing nature. You probe, and, if you're lucky, you get strange clues.
—Lene Hau

Probing questions delve into content and process. Check out the Pocket Guide to Probing Questions from the team at Looking at Student Work. Review question types and find question stems for teaching and coaching teachers:

Use the "What? So what? Now what?" protocol to reflect on teaching and learning. Get to the heart of what matters. Find a handy how-to guide from the School Reform Initiative:

EngageNY shares video from the classroom. Listen in as this teacher uses questions to engage kids in learning and reflecting on geometry and space. Notice how she directs students to connect to what others said: Kelly Gallagher

Get kids to ask probing questions of texts. Watch how Kelly Gallagher does it with a clip from Twenty Questions Homework:


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