January 27, 2017

Special Edition:
New Titles for Spring 2017

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Our lineup of new titles for Spring 2017 includes everything you need to update your professional development library and covers topics from writing workshop to math to teaching life science and history. Browse our titles online—we post them in their entirety as they become available. Stenhouse Spring 2017 Catalog

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Growing Independent Learners Online Workshop Growing Independent Learners (An Online Workshop)
From Literacy Standards to Stations, K‑3
Debbie Diller
Learn with Debbie Diller in this 6‑lesson, self‑paced online workshop with downloadable readings and high‑quality videos that show instruction and teacher planning. At the end of this workshop—a companion to Debbie's book Growing Independent Learners—you'll be able to make connections naturally between your state's ELA standards and what you are teaching in whole‑group mini‑lessons and literacy work stations.

Grades K‑3 • 6‑lesson online workshop • Available now—preview online
Workshop alone: $89.00
Workshop and Growing Independent Learners book bundle: $109.00

Follow Debbie on Twitter: @debbiediller
Tweet about the workshop: #growinglearners

Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had
Ideas and Strategies from Vibrant Classrooms
Tracy Johnston Zager
Foreword by Elham Kazemi
Tracy spent years with highly skilled math teachers in a diverse range of settings and grades. Her book is jam‑packed with new thinking from these vibrant classrooms and will help you develop instructional techniques that will make the math classes you teach so much better than the math classes you took.

Grades K‑8 • 392 pages • Available now—preview online
Print: $39.00 • E-book: $34.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $49.00

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Tweet about the book: #BecomingMath

Perfect Pairs, 3-5 Perfect Pairs
Using Fiction & Nonfiction Picture Books to Teach Life Science, Grades 3‑5
Melissa Stewart and Nancy Chesley
Perfect Pairs marries fiction and nonfiction picture books focused on life science to help educators think about and teach life science in a whole new way. Even if you are science shy, Perfect Pairs will help you become a more confident teacher. Pair with Perfect Pairs, K‑2 for a complete elementary science PD resource.

Grades 3‑5 • 360 pages • Available now—preview online
Print: $28.00 • E-book: $24.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $38.00

Follow Melissa on Twitter: @mstewartscience
Tweet about the book: #PerfectPairsBook

Beyond Answers Beyond Answers
Exploring Mathematical Practices with Young Children
Mike Flynn
Foreword by Deborah Schifter
In this practical, easy‑to‑read book, Mike Flynn provides teachers with a clear and deep sense of the Standards for Mathematical Practice and shares ideas on how best to implement them in K‑2 classrooms.

Grades K‑2 • 232 pages • Available now—preview online
Print: $27.00 • E-book: $23.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $37.00

Follow Mike on Twitter: @MikeFlynn55
Tweet about the book: #BeyondAnswers

When Writers Drive the Workshop When Writers Drive the Workshop
Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices
Brian Kissel
Foreword by Aimee Buckner
In this practical, engaging book, Brian Kissel asks teachers to go back to the roots of writing workshop. Writing instruction has shifted in recent years to more accountability, taking the focus away from the writers. Brian explores what happens when empowered writers direct the writing workshop.

Grades K‑5 • 192 pages • Available early March
Print: $21.00 • E-book: $18.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $31.00

Follow Brian on Twitter: @btkissel
Tweet about the book: #WritersDrive

What's Right About Wrong Answers What's Right About Wrong Answers
Learning from Math Mistakes, Grades 4‑5
Nancy C. Anderson
Nancy turns mistakes on their heads and helps you cleverly use them to students' advantage. Each of the twenty‑two activities in this book focuses on important ideas in grades 4‑5 mathematics and each activity can be used to enhance units of instruction and help students prepare for assessments that are aligned with the Common Core and similar state standards.

Grades 4‑5 • 152 pages • Available late March
Print: $23.00 • E-book: $20.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $33.00

Follow Nancy on Twitter: @NAndersonMath
Tweet about the book: #MathMistakesBook

Accessible Algebra Accessible Algebra
30 Modules to Promote Algebraic Reasoning, Grades 7‑10
Anne M. Collins and Steven R. Benson
Each of the thirty lessons in this book identifies and addresses a focal domain and standard in algebra, then lays out the common misconceptions and challenges students may face as they work to investigate and understand the problems.

Grades 7‑10 • 264 pages • Available mid‑March
Print: $28.00 • E-book: $24.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $38.00
Tweet about the book: #AccessibleAlgebra

Take the Journey Take the Journey
Teaching American History Through Place‑Based Learning
James A. Percoco
Foreword by Milton Chen; Afterword by Cathy Gorn
In Take the Journey, author, historian, and educator James Percoco invites you and your students to the places where many events in American history happened. Filled with students' voices, Take the Journey offers practical lessons, classroom‑tested materials, and ways to meet state standards without sacrificing teacher creativity or hands‑on learning.

Grades 5‑12 • 264 pages • Available early April
Print: $22.00 • E-book: $19.99 • Print/E-book bundle: $32.00
Tweet about the book: #HistoryJourney

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